A second suspect has been apprehended after an ongoing investigation regarding the aiding of terrorists abroad this year, by another Long island High Student, hit the jump for more detail!

Adriela Batista

Marcos Zea the second suspect found in the case relating to students aiding members of Al-Quida abroad in January, has been apprehended this morning. Zea is suspected to have helped a former, foreign Long Island High School student, to conspire by recruiting members to the terrorist Al-Qaida group, providing military support, and going as far as sending money abroad to the group.

Suspect Marco Zea was charged with “conspiracy to commit murder and attempting to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization,” this arrest comes after the apprehension of the first suspect, 18 year old, Former L.I High school and Babylon High School student, Justin Kaliebe, of Babylon. Kaliebe was charged in February after fling to Yemen to help the Al-Qaida group “in the Arabian peninsula wage, “violent jihad”.

Kaliebe was found guilty after video proof showed the teen meeting with L.I residents and plotting to kill Americans overseas. The suspect has also expressed his negative sentiment towards the U.S as he revealed that he praises Osama Bin Laden for being able to “an entire nation at its knees.”