The untimely death of Paul Walker has affected the hearts of many including the entire cast of Fast and The Furious; his death comes days before scenes starring Walker were scheduled to be filmed just this week! Hit the jump for more

Adriela Batista

The Fast And Furious 7 will definitely have to take on some major changes to its script as tragedy struck its cast, with the death of Paul Walker. Cast reportedly are too distraught to think about returning to the set at this moment, Walker was scheduled to shoot important scenes this week for the now possible epilogue FF7.

“Sources close to the production tell us most of the actors and crew were supposed to fly to Atlanta this weekend to resume filming on Tuesday … but they’re all expecting a halt in production.

According to our sources … most of this week’s scenes centered around Paul, so even if Universal were to go forward … it would need major rewrites.

Ultimately, the biggest hurdle to completing ‘FF7’ could be the emotions of the actors. As one source put it, “No one wants to even think about the movie. Period.” reports TMZ