IFWT_Amazons Prime Air
Now that I brought you here let me 1st say, it’s not happening this holiday season, and probably not the next few, but it’s looking like it’s set for sometime in the future. Prime is Amazon’s brand for instant video and 2 day delivery, and since they can’t speed up ‘instant’, they’re focusing on the delivery part.

Tat Wza

Amazon is developing deliveries with ‘octocopter’ drones to get from the warehouse to your front door in about 30 minutes, which of course will completely change the online sales games!!

This is in R&D, and the projection is about 4 or 5 years from now, and I believe it will happen, 5 years ago we were still dreaming about video chat 0_0

A company down under claim to have beat Amazon to this;

Don’t think their drones will bring textbooks here 0_o