An Indian cow has recently become an internet sensation. First of all, the cow has an extra hoof dangling from its neck, which many believe carries superpowers. According to reports, Pregnant women are paying a farmer to let them touch his five-legged cow’s extra hoof so they will give birth to a boy. Check out the cow after the jump.

On the week ending December 23rd, the cow –named Raju– celebrated its 33rd baby boy. Not one of it’s own, but it’s “blessed” another couple with a boy. Raj Pratap, Raju’s owner, charges couples to be touched by his calf in order for them to have boys. In fact, he is so confident of his calf that he offers refunds if the baby born is a girl. According to Daily Mail, “In India boys are ‘more valued’ than girls as they have ‘greater earning potential’ to support the family.”

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Jamaal Fisher