IFWT_LeBron huh

C’mon fam, really?  Carding LeBron James?!  Even people that don’t like or know sports know who LeBron is. LeBron was recently carded at a bar (while watching the Orange Bowl).  I find it really hard to believe that the guy was serious, but apparently he was (or he just wanted LBJ’s address).  Welp there you have it, you can be one of the biggest stars in the country and you will still get carded.  So what was Bron’s reaction?!  Hit the jump to find out…



Via MiamiHerld:

LeBron James, who is eight years above the legal drinking limit at 29, was carded at an Orlando hotel bar Friday night while watching the Orange Bowl.

James didn’t tell the employee who he was but was surprised to be carded. “Look at my beard!” he said.