Willow is serving all kinds of, YES for V Magazine! Photographer Karl Lagerfeld captured Willow in some daring pieces of clothing! Although she’s only 13, her fashions scream, ‘early twenties’ but her maturity level is also at an all-time high. While others are trying to live at a fast pace, and get things done, this teenager wants to simply, “…do things that make me feel good and not stressed.” Sometimes one has to just pause and breath – one of the reasons as to why she quit the up-coming production, Annie. The, “Fireball” artist wants to do things when she feels like it’s the right time.
“It’s like a pearl. I’m reading that book right now. You put a piece of sand in it, which is the imagination. You close it over a bunch of years, making it awesome, and then Bam! It comes open,” she says. “And I’m it! I’m the pearl.” This girl is something spectacular!
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JaaiR (JR)

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