Plaxico Burress

Ouch!  This has to hurt even if you have money.  No one wants to take an almost $2 million dollar L.  Plaxico Burress just unloaded his Florida mansion and took a big hit on it.  Details after the jump…





Via TMZ:

Plaxico Burress just got ROCKED by the real estate market … ’cause he just unloaded his Florida mansion for HALF of what he paid for it back in 2005.

Plaxico originally bought the 6,872 square-foot mansion in Lighthouse Point, FL back in September 2005 for $3.995 … but that was right before the bubble burst.

Since then, real estate values in the area have plummeted — and Plax just sold the place for $2 mil.

Official documents obtained by TMZ Sports show Plax was able to get rid of the house as part of a short sale (where the bank accepts less money than what’s owed on the mortgage).