IFWT_lyor cohen new label
Not to long ago, Lyor Cohen, Legendary Music Biz Exec that helped create and build the one and only Def Jam, has started a new label, 300, and he is doing his best to keep it straight Digital, he’s already got Google backing him, but now Cohen has decided to use Twitter to sign NEW(unsigned) artists!

Tat Wza

Now Lyor isn’t going to just be trolling twitter in hopes of finding some talent, he will actually be working with Twitter, like from the back-end(pause) seeing actual data and what not, Lyor says:

“If you want to get signed, you have to engage with Twitter, and of course YouTube, and we’ll be looking to try and develop tools that the rest of the music community can utilize.”

Lyor is looking to keep his legacy of popping artist, like he did for Hov and T.I., but staying in the NEW digital age…Hey Lyor, you might need the team on this one!!!!


We got a quote from Bob Moz, our Head of Music:

“Music is the largest topic of conversation on Twitter, so we’re really invested in building a win-win environment for fans, artists, labels, promoters and music services. This partnership is a great example because it is about helping artists and labels find each other. We’re looking forward to working with Lyor’s team in the coming months, and we hope they find great artists to sign as a result.”