Curren$y put a project out on Bittorrent back in Oct. 2013, after Hov’s MCHG App album(Def After The #DjFunkFlex App), but before Beyonce’s Visual album and The Lox’s EP,where both dropped on iTunes with no prior announcement, and Bittorrent says that project has done 4 Million downloads through the digital platform, which technically is bigger than all of this projects individually.

Tat Wza

Curren$y’s BitTorrent site ‘Jet-Life’ also saw a 500% increase in Merch, so I say congrats to Curren$y 1st, then I recognize that Bittorrent was once the KING of the underground net for getting not just music but everything, so although the platform hasn’t gotten the recognition for being successful in launching music, it has alway been! In my opinion it hasn’t gotten that notice because the content on Bittorrent is FREE, but it absolutely shows the artists that use it have a huge presence on the internet!

Curren$y’s newest project “The Drive In Theatre” will be available in another ‘Bittorrent Bundle'(Music, video’s, and artwork) on his all new redesigned Jet-Life.com(as well as on Datpiff.com for just the mix tape) this friday coming Feb. 14th, which is the follow up to the Jet Life project that got the 4 Millie, so we must keep our eye out for the continued Bittorrent success of downloads!!