HLN, which stands for “Headline News”, which is what it was formally known as, has gone through some changes as of late, 1st in Nov 2013 they got a new boss, Albie Hecht, whom was formally with MTV, and he came in and chopped some dead weight, like “Showbiz Tonight”, and “Evening Express”, but now he’s ready to Grow!!

Tat Wza

Mr. Hecht is def in the right direction, keeping Digital on his mind in this ever growing digital space! When asked what type of show pitches he was looking for he said:

All formats. Half-hour, hour, nonscripted, animation, games, docuseries, reality and clip shows — and definitely within the social media filter.

They seem like they are really looking to shake things up, not only are they looking to incorporate social media, they are also looking to integrate apps into the mix, like the “Fomo App”, which FOMO stands for ‘Fear Of Missing Out’, allowing users to share a lists of their fears of what they might be missed, and allows HLN to incorporate this into interviews with celebs and people of interest by asking them ‘What’s Your Fear Of Missing Out’.

The team over at HLN is really looking to be innovative in the TV world, and we take our hat off to them for the forward thinking!!! (I’m thinking about a pitch as we speak!!!)