According to sources, 2 siblings of the late modern-artist, Jean Michel Basquiat, have a pending lawsuit against Christie’s auction house. The siblings believe that Christie’s has been selling fake pieces using the Basquiat name. Hit the jump for more info.

According to NY Daily News:

In a $1 million false endorsement and false advertising lawsuit filed Tuesday in Manhattan Federal Court, Jeanine Basquiat Heriveaux and Lisan Basquiat say Christie’s has failed to verify many of the roughly 50 pieces on sale this month.
The plaintiffs, who administer their famous brother’s estate, claim Christie’s presented the estate’s authentication committee in 2007 with just seven pieces. Of those, the estate declined to sign off on one as the real deal.

In addition to failing to present each questionable piece of work to the authentication committee, Christie’s has also assured potential buyers that each piece had been copyrighted by the estate.

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Jamaal Fisher