Katy VS MC

Hmmm, we may take detect the tiniest bit of shade from the Teenage Dream singer, Katy Perry. While interviewing with the Australian morning show Live on Sunrise, Perry commented on one of the great talents of our generation, Mariah Carey. At one point in the televised interview with Australian TV show, when MC’s name is mentioned, Perry had some nasty nice things to say about the 8 octave range diva. I believe she referred to MC as “Throwback Fabulous”? A slight chill, nothing too major, after all she did give her a compliment. On the other hand, not so sure diva Carey will perceive it quite like that. Gee… what I wouldn’t give to be a fly on the wall and hear MC’s response to the Pop Queen. “Vintage Fabulous” may have been at better descriptor Perr, just a thought.

Check out Katy’s interview about Mariah starting at the 7:11 mark:
. Tell us what you think. Shady or nah?

Andrea G