Stork Drops Off Baby

Looks like there’s a new MILF in training Hollyweird. This young lady kissed quite a few handsome frogs before allowing a bun to rise in her oven with French fiancé.

Drop dead gorgeous Scarlett Johansson and French journalist fiancé, Romain Dauriac are expecting their first child together 6 months after officially getting engaged! As some of you remember, back in 2010 Scarlet Johansson split from sexy hubby at the time Ryan Reynolds, and was dubbed a heart breaker, as well as the reason behind the young couple’s split. Reynold remarried Blake Lively, while ScarJo went on the prowl, dating one of Hollyweird’s most infamous playboy’s Sean Penn… that is before he moved on to another A-List beauty, the lovely Charlize Theron. You see! There is only six degrees of separation in Hollyweird. On that note, we wish ScarJo and Romain the best of luck. Congrats!

*Check the gallery to see pics of preggo ScarJo and fiancé, along with a list of her ex’s that didn’t make the cut!

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