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Chuck can do no wrong in my eyes – I love him.  Lol, so I’m glad Kenny Smith has Charles Barkley’s back. Kenny Smith is tired of people saying Barkley doesn’t know a lot about basketball & he’s speaking out about it. C’mon fam, it’s Charles Barkley! Check it out…



Via FTW:

As TNT analyst Kenny Smith gears up to cover March Madness this year, he wants to make one thing perfectly clear — his colleague Charles Barkley knows a lot more about basketball, both college and pro, than any of us think he does.

“The one thing that I don’t know if people really know is that Chuck is a basketball gym rat, meaning he watches a lot of games,” Smith said in a phone interview. “He’ll call me sometimes at 11:30 at night and he’ll be like, ‘You watching on ESPN 12, the third-grade game they got on?’ and I’m like, ‘Yo, I’m watching the same thing!’

“I think sometimes [his] unfiltered opinion overshadows what he’s saying and what he’s watched, but he watches a lot of games.”

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