Drake Love Child

Uh oh, looks like Canadian rapper Drake may have ‘slipped up’…. pun intended. Some very suspect pictures went viral today after a Miami, Fl woman made claims that Drake had fathered her young son….Check out side by side pics for comparison!

Well Drake did say in the song The Language , he messed with too many women from the 305… well this may be the cherry topper. According to Miami, Fl woman Shirdkevia Myrick, who posted a highly suspect photo on her Instagram and Facebook of a side by side comparison of her young son and rapper Drake. In photo shared by Shirdkevia, she placed the following caption under photo:

“He can’t deny it. F–k what the media say,” Shirdkevia captioned the photo, which also featured emoticons.

Welp it looks like after Myrick got the internet all up in arms with the suspect photo, she seems to have vanished like a bandit deleting all social media profiles such as Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook because of the “news.” Supposedly this is a false alarm. Sources also say Myrick had tucked away in online photos, a picture of her son with his legitimate paternal father!

I tell you, scam artist will do anything for a buck nowadays, even use their kids as pawns! Is this a false alarm for Drake?

Andrea G