Ever since Donald Sterling’s racist comments leaked out, his friends have been doing their best to distance themselves from him. He really has had no support from anyone which is what should happen after you say disrespectful, hurtful things about people. One person however who somewhat spoke up for him was former Los Angeles Dodgers manager and hall of famer Tommy Lasorda. He speaks on being Sterling’s friend for 30 years and he isn’t surprised by the comments he made, but he shouldn’t of made them. So he doesn’t really defend him but he acknowledges they are friends. His real issue obviously seems to be with V. Stiviano. He wants her to get hit by a car, but doesn’t wish her back luck, lol. I get the feeling Lasorda knows things about her after knowing Sterling for so long. I don’t want her to get hit by a car like Lasorda does, but I do wish the media would stop giving her attention. She is doing anything for a little fame and she did not release those recordings because she wanted to take a stand for minorities. She released those recordings for her benefit only. Hit the jump.