Lindsay Lohan
Oh Lindsay, just when we think you’re on the right track to being better, you do something to throw us for a curve. Recently the troubled actress blamed a bad publicity incident during the taping of OWN‘s Lindsay on the fact that she was suffering and recovering from a miscarriage.
“Yeah right”, most thought….well apparently there is MORE to the story.

Nqobi C

According to reports the troubled actress REALLY did suffer from a miscarriage because she had to swear under penalty of perjury. If it turns out she is lying and didn’t suffer from a miscarrage, Lindsay will take a trip back to the big house.

Lindsay missed a reprieve for her lawsuit, a while back, lost the case and now has a new $5 million lawsuit over her clothing. Drawing up the documentations, Lindsay reasoned for missing the last reprieve by blaming it on the miscarriage, saying “I have been overwhelmed since leaving rehab and dealing with my sobriety and a miscarriage.”

You think after everything this poor girl has been through, she will know when enough is enough. Sad and really messed up at the same time, lets hope this miscarriage is not a lie.

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