You’re supposed to go to jail, do your time, and leave right? Well apparently these inmates said no, lets add on some larceny charges and extend our stays because we like it here SO much! According to a Corrections Officer in Georgia State is under fire for running a prison phone scam ring which raked in as much as $300,000 each.

Thanks to some gullible people the inmates were able to finagle $200,000 to $300,000 into all of their commissary accounts, by claiming the people they called missed jury duty, and there was a current warrant out for their arrest. The inmate would then tell the person they could avoid arrest by paying a fine and providing credit card numbers, and other forms of payment!

But we cannot neglect that the ring was run by Correction officials. “Americans on both the left and the right should be able to agree on the need to replace our broken corrections system,” says Newt Gingrich and Van Jones ( the co-hosts of CNN’s “Crossfire,”)

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Julissa Bartholomew