Jessica Alba

Im sure there’s men are all around the world that would give their left scrotum to find out what one night would be like with sexy Hollywood actress Jessica Alba. The sexy latina opens in new interview and lets it all hang out. So what is it, church girl or porn star? Find out inside, the answer might shock you!

In a recent interview with ABC news, the sexy actress seems to be perplexed at how she got her “sex symbol” tile in Hollywood, when in reality it’s the exact opposite!

Jessica Alba on ABC news

“I didn’t have a lot of experience, so at first it was all kinds of weird,” she revealed. “I’m kind of a prude, and I didn’t really understand. They would always ask me provocative questions about my sexuality, my this or that. Sometimes I would lie and say something that wasn’t true to make myself seem more interesting than I was.

I didn’t even know how to walk in heels until I went to the Golden Globes for the first time”.

Well there you have it. The beautiful mother of two and wife considers herself a prude! Well come now Taurean sister, I’m sure she’s being a bit modest being that Alba’s Birthday just passed, and everyone knows Taurus people are naturally kinky and sensual by nature. Thats something that can’t be learned! Just a health dose of natural sex appeal given at birth.

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