Blake Lively And Amber Heard Potential Bond Girl
There can only be one! Debates are starting to swarm the internet about the consideration of who should be the next Bond Girl. Two vixens are on top of the list and are both the perfect candidates but as said before, there can only be one! Find out who is in the running after the jump!

Nqobi C

Amber Heard And Blake Lively!

According to reports the two actresses are interested in the role of the Bond Girl for the upcoming movie, set to shoot in November and out next year.

The role of the Bond Girl calls for a Scandinavian woman that’s a “good person with a troubled past.”
The girls fit the look of the girl but who is better off playing the sexy vixen role?

Fans of the ex-Gossip Girl star are surprisingly not rooting for Blake but for Amber stating she has more of the appeal and character to play a Bond Girl, while Blake is “Classy”.

Daniel Craig will be returning to play James bond.

Who do YOU think will be suited better to play the Bond Girl- Blake or Amber?

Check out the gallery while you decide on that one!