V. Stiviano was the woman behind the released audio of former LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling.  The notorious tapes led to Sterling’s oust from the NBA, the sale of the team and an enormous media firestorm.  Well now the tables have slightly turned as a tape has been released of V. Stiviano saying negative things about black people.

Shay Marie

TMZ Sports released the video and here’s some of her key points (Oh and yes of course she knew she was being taped):

— “I don’t understand black people. You give them a little bit of money, they don’t know what to do with it.”

— “[Black people] just act crazy … they’re like, ‘Yo, I wanna put extra rims on top of my rims. And my rims are gonna turn around. I’m gonna call them spinners.’

The footage was shot back in 2011 as part of a reality show pilot about gold diggers — V. Stiviano was one of the girls selected to appear … and in the clip, she rambles on and on about finding a mega-rich guy to settle down with.