A fellow Chi-town rapper and good friend of Kanye West is currently doing a 10 year bid for pleading guilty to robbing a bank in 2007 and it turns out they were pretty damn tight. Bump J recently opened up about his friendship with Kanye and also revealed that Yeezus even helped pay for his legal fees too. Now that’s a good friend right there.


Bump J spoke out from prison recently in an interview with none other than Hot 97’s Miss.Info herself and had this to say about Mr. Kanye To The:

“Kanye helped pay for my lawyer, and he’s a great friend. I got nothing but for respect for ‘Ye. He’ll have first choice when I come home.”

He also revealed that he’s expecting to get out this coming February or sooner. Guess he’s been practicing good behavior.

Check out the whole interview in the video below:

SOURCE: Miss.Info