14-year-old Noel Estevez fatally stabbed his alleged bully, 14-year-old Timothy Crump, after the two had a falling out over a stolen cell phone. According to NYPD officials, Estevez was “afraid for his life” after Crump jumped him. The two boys were friends until Estevez allegedly stole Crump’s cell phone, causing the beef to brew. Estevez then stabbed Crump outside of their Bronx elementary school, leaving him for dead. “He stole the victim’s cellphone a few days ago. That’s what the beef was about. The victim was no angel either,” said a NY police officer. “They would go inside the building and urinate in front of his door, they’d kick his door,” building worker Jorge Guerrero said. “They come to his building screaming up at his window, ‘We’re going to catch you,’?” said Estevez’ neighbor Stephany Arroyo. “Every day, they come.”

Source: Sandra Rose