While it’s been a few years since the Harry Potter movie series has ended, it’s a little difficult to not see Daniel Radcliffe as the wand wielding, scar baring Mr. Potter. Now, the former wizard wants to take on the role of Ben Affleck’s side kick as the Robin to his Batman. Find out more after the jump!


While Batman v. Superman casting news slowly but surely reveals itself fans eagerly await to find out just who will be playing Affleck’s right hand man, Robin. While some may expect Joseph Gordon Levitt to take on the role due to his role as Dick Grayson in The Dark Knight Rises, Radcliffe has made it known that he has his eyes on the role.

Buzzfeed asked the former Harry Potter star if he’d ever get involved in another franchise and he quickly showed his interest in playing alongside the caped crusader.

“Batman. If they reboot that again. I’ll do that too,” he said. “It’s happening, isn’t it? With Ben Affleck. I could be Robin, I’m perfect,” Radcliffe responded.

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