Nicki Minaj x Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea may have spoke a little too soon, having conducted an interview about “no other rappers” having beef with her just before Nicki Minaj’s incredulous shade at the 2014 BET Awards on Sunday night.

“I have never had any musicians tell me that I wasn’t authentic for being white and Australian,” Iggy said while talking to The Guardian recently. “No one. Even I had a warped perception of how I would be received in this business. What I’ve come to realize is that it’s the people who write about music–or who are outside it in some way–who have a problem with what I am doing. The only true insiders are the musicians themselves.”

She MIGHT be changing her statement now, though.

Marisa Mendez

“This is my fifth year winning this award. I don’t take it for granted,” Nicki Minaj said when accepting the award for Best Female Hip-Hop Artist. “When you hear Nicki Minaj spit, Nicki Minaj wrote it. No, no shade! No shade.”

Iggy has been achieving tremendous success in 2014, making Billboard history twice already, having held down the number one and two spots on the Hot 100 with her single “Fancy” being #1 and her feature on Ariana Grande’s “Problem” being #2, then becoming only one of 3 artists ever to replace themselves in the top spot when “Problem” moved to number 1 and “Fancy” to 2. She’s no stranger to beef, either, having had fellow female raptress Azealia Banks come for her multiple times, but Iggy chose never to feed into it…and I’m betting she’ll do the same now. As Hov once said, “If it ain’t directed directly at me, I don’t respect it.”

Beef is corny in hip-hop these days anyway, ESPECIALLY between females when they should be coming together. Speaking of which – Remy Ma is home the end of this month! The countdown is on!

Source: The Guardian