It’s been four months since Lamar Odom & Khloe Kardashian were victims of a quarter-of-a-million dollar jewelry heist … and still no arrests have been made. Lamar Odom’s drug dealers were the first to be blamed, but now Lamar is reportedly blaming someone else — and the Kardashians won’t want to hear this.
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Via RadarOnline:

Now, with police sources telling Radar that the investigation is still open but “at a standstill,” RadarOnline.com has exclusively learned that Odom believes someone from the Kardashian camp was responsible for the burglary — and that’s why the famous family hasn’t been more aggressive in tracking them down!

A source confirmed to Radar that while the investigation into the March, 2014, burglary has not been closed, it “is at a standstill, with no new leads.” And though initial reports targeted Odom and his friends, an insider claims that the former NBA star believes cops have been looking in the wrong direction.

“Lamar doesn’t think anyone close to him, or anyone he knows could have stolen the jewelry,” an insider told Radar. “He believes that the theft was orchestrated by a Kardashian family friend, or even a family member.”