Harlem’s newest lyrical gem, Smoke Dza, made his way over to the Rap Genius headquarters located in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn. The emcee sat down with the Rap Genius staff and a few specially invited bloggers to decode lyrics off of his album Dream.Zone.Achieve. The NY native broke down lyrics from songs including “Hearses,” “Zone,” “Fhvt Bvsturd,” “Ghost of Dipset,” “City of Dreams,” and many, many more as he sparked up using his new customized Rap Genius lighter. To join in on the fun, fellow rapper from his RFC crew Al-Doe sat alongside the Kushed God to assist in the decoding process.

To end his visit at Rap Genius, Dza explained the story behind his “riiiighhhhht” ad-lib that we all know and love him for. To hear Smoke Dza break down some of his most popular lyrics (along with some priceless stories,) click HERE. Also get a behind the scenes look into Rocko’s and my exciting trip to Rap Genius HQ with Smoke Dza! (Also big s/o to Savannah for making the whole thing possible, Jamaal Devore for the great picture/video footage and the Rap Genius staff for the dope new gear!)