The scene in Ferguson, Mo doesn’t look as if it’s going to die down anytime soon. Monday evening, Fox News reporter Steve Harrigan was reporting live when he fouled up and described the scene as, “child’s play.” A protester and resident of Ferguson made his presence known when he heard that!

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JaaiR (JR)

Steve Harrigan reported:

This is right now a media event, pure and simple. This is people running towards tear gas, running away from it. The dignified protestors went home at dusk. This is just child’s play right now.

The protester replied, “Say that shit.” When Harrigan attempted to tell the guy that they were on live television, he responded again. “I don’t give a damn you’re on TV, say that shit. We see this shit every day. This is just child’s play? Who is the child playing with toys? That’s them.”

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