IFWT_IG HyperLapse
And it’s happening today, allegedly. An app called “HyperLapse” which is a time lapse effect, and of course it’s for video, and since it’s coming from IG, they want you to take it to Instavid, but also since it’s standalone, it will live within that app as well.

Tat Wza

The real interesting thing is in iOS 8 there is a ‘time lapse’ feature in the camera already, but this make sense because that is ONLY iOS users and this, I assume, will be for Android users as well;

I think I’m going to love this app! I don’t know about all the functionality yet, like will you be able to hit camera roll to make older video’s you shot speed up, which now that vine allows you to get to camera roll….

Also it’s reported to be in the app store now(hit that link), but I’m not seeing in my iOS 6 app store, sso only 7’s are getting for now. (Update: Yup, only iOS 7 and up :-/ )