IFWT_Hot97 RockStarGTA-Thurs 8-28-14
That’s right, we’re back at it, showing you your favorite artist play your favorite game!! This time we’re ALL BK(Baby Bay Bay), we got Hot 97’s own Dj Young Chow, representing that labor day vibe, the Homies Uncle Murda, and Maino, and the newest ‘Hot Ni**a’ on the scene, Bobby Shmurda & Rowdy Rebel…Ah Ahh Ahhh!!

Tat Wza

I got to sit down with the Rockstar team to see what today’s ‘Jobs’ will be like and Ohh Boy, A helicopter race, a driving race in a classic car, a Parachute free fall with a goal, and a super dope Capture that will leave plenty of bodies on the ground!!! I’m so excited, Join me and the Homie Hip Hop Gamer at 230p and this will go live baby!!

Live streaming video by Ustream