Spike Lee

It was exclusively revealed on thejasminebrand.com director Spike Lee will have to return to court over his previous George Zimmerman tweet where he alleged revealed the home address of Zimmerman’s parents. However, the address actually belonged to elderly couple Elaine and David McClain. Read more…

If you remember, the couple sued Lee for $1.2 million as they were being harassed in their homes with death threat and felt in fear of their lives. Lee ended up apologising and offered the McClains $10,000 as part of the settlement. The couple still filed suit as they continued to have a negative experience as a result of the alleged tweet. They even had to move home…

Lee did contest the suit as he had already settled and as part of the settlement, he was made exempt from all liability. The judge eventually sided with Lee as he already settled.

The McClains won’t fall back. They’re now taking the Do The Right Thing director back to court to appeal the settlement and still want to go for the original $1.2 million they requested in the first place.


Check out the court document here.


Source: The Jasmine Brand