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The beautiful songstress Ciara has been spotted out of late looking fab post four months after giving birth to little Future Zahir. See trainer give up the deets on how Ciara is getting back to her sexy pre baby body in no time inside.

Ciara has been spotted all around. In Ibizia just last month, and now in Madrid.The beauty has been keeping her little man close by her side during her travels as well. The new mommy manages to squeeze out work outs 7 days a week.

Andrea G

Rumor Fix reports….

“Ciara’s personal trainer Gunnar Peterson, is revealing his secrets to getting the star in as best shape as possible–which includes workouts seven days a week!
“When you say she’s working out every day, that sounds like it’s crazy but it’s not,” says Peterson, “It’s a ritual. She’s showering every day too. She’s not destroying herself.”

“She’s working hard, she’s getting it done, she’s eating properly, she’s getting sleep while she can, and so she’s getting leaner and stronger,” the celeb trainer continues. “That’s the way to be the best mom.”
Peterson explains, “The typical workout is that it’s not typical. Depending on where we are in the week, there’s a focus on pushing movements, pulling movements; there’s lower body, there’s working different planes of motion, whether it’s front to back, side to side rotation.”

“It’s about keeping her moving. There are a lot of intervals in there. It doesn’t make for a happy camper, but [it produces] great results,” the trainer adds.