Hmmmm, apparently there’s a MASSIVE secret party in place for Derek Jeter at a historic castle on Long Island this weekend — but no one knows exactly why yet.  There’s 2 possible reasons going around for the big event and some believe … he’s getting married!!  Lol, yea I’m gonna go with the other possibility.  Check it out…




Via TMZ:

Here’s what we know … the party is set to go down at the famous Oheka Castle — which was used for the exterior shots of Charles Kane’s mansion in the 1941 Hollywood flick “Citizen Kane.”

Multiple sources tell us … several high-end party vendors have been called in for a very important “Derek Jeter event.”

Now here’s where things get tricky — we’ve spoken with multiple sources who tell us the event in question is a retirement party for #2 … and other sources who SWEAR it’s a wedding.