Floyd Mayweather is not feeling his pops today after some comments Floyd Sr, made earlier this week regarding Floyd & Manny Pacquiao fighting. Floyd Sr said nothing wrong, in fact he once again illustrated how he feels Manny is no match for Floyd, but somehow his son got upset about it. He is even going as far as to threaten getting rid of his dad as part of his team, not too mention some other people as well.


Floyd hasn’t sounded too happy lately so maybe he is just venting or maybe there is something deeper going on, but he is definitely not liking the idea of his pops talking for him.

Well my father is totally wrong. Like I said before, we have people constantly being removed from the Mayweather Promotions team, Team Mayweather, and we also have people being removed from The Money Team. I want my dad to be with my team, but if he continues to go out there and speak on things that he has no knowledge about without communicating with me, then I must get a new trainer.

Once again, my dad has no say-so on my career, Leonard Ellerbe has no say-so on my career, and me and Al Haymon, we’re going to compromise and communicate and always be on the same page.

Floyd then went on to once again throw another shot at Manny Pacquiao.

The thing is this, some of the people that used to work with Manny Pacquiao are now working with me, so the best thing for Pacquiao to do is be quiet before he really gets exposed and I tell some things that he don’t want me to tell. One thing that I really want to say while I’m on this phone, a lot of things that I talked about in the past, I was 100% right. I’ma say that. A lot of the things I talked about in the past, I was 100% right.

It’s obvious Pacquiao ain’t doing the numbers that he say he doing. That’s why he gotta fight in another country. They’re bringing up my name to sell tickets. All you gotta do is look at his numbers that he did on his last couple of fights and look at my numbers. I’ma tell you what level Pacquiao is on. When Bob Arum said that he was taking Pacquiao somewhere else, MGM Grand said, “So, we don’t care. We got Floyd Mayweather.” See, the thing is this, I know the biggest check that Pacquiao’s team has seen from him. I know the biggest check was $7 million. I know how much he got from Nike…$100 grand, and when he got knocked out, they snatched the deal away. That’s all I got to say!