Sometimes in sports if it’s not some type of drama, beef or crazy situation it can tend to be under reported as tales without those things involved aren’t headline grabbing. Taking a break from that for a second, it was dope to see Melo supporting some schools in New York, a city known long for a struggling financial education system. Teachers are mostly underpaid and mostly overworked and usually dig into their own pockets to help students out as well. Melo wanted to help with that. Hit the jump.


New York Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony recognizes how taxing this is on teachers, students, and families. Thursday evening, Melo took advantage of an off night in the Knicks preseason schedule to give back to the New York City community. He provided approximately 250 teachers from public schools within the city’s five boroughs with school supplies. The schools included: The Bronx’s PS 70 Max Schoenfeld (55 classrooms), Manhattan’s PS 194 Countee Cullen (20 classrooms), The Bronx’s PS 112 Bronxwood (21 classrooms), Queens’ PS 140 Edward K Ellington (35 classrooms), Staten Island’s PS 44 Thomas C Brown (50 classrooms) and Manhattan’s PS 129 John H Finley (20 classrooms). This marks the second year that the Carmelo Anthony Foundation handed out supplies via its Tools for Teachers Initiative.

With the assist from Melo, more than 4,000 students will be impacted in total.

During the event, Melo was asked to share why this initiative is so important to him. He responded, “There’s a lot of times the kids come to school and they don’t have notebooks. They don’t have pens. They don’t have pencils. They don’t have the outreach for that. Sometimes teachers have to go in their own pockets and spend their own money, and that’s taking away from them. A lot of times teachers can be overlooked and overshadowed, so I want to make it as smooth as possible. Make it easy and give them what they need.”