Yes, this is really news! Last night it seemed every basketball fan in the country noticed that the Cavs waterboy was taking bottles of Gatorade and pouring them into Powerade labeled water bottles. At first I thought it had something to do with the Cavs having a deal with Gatorade, but their star player Lebron having an endorsement contract with Powerade. It seems that wasn’t the case though because the team announced today they are doing an internal investigation as to why that was going on.


Now this drink war is very serious, especially considering the NBA finals from last year when Lebron was cramping up during a game in San Antonio. The two huge companies traded shots via social media about what Lebron should of been drinking compared to what he actually was.

Via TMZ:

The Cleveland Cavaliers tell TMZ Sports … they have NO IDEA why a ball boy was serving players Gatorade masked in a Powerade bottle last night — but they’re gunning to find out why.

Twitter EXPLODED last night during the Knicks-Cavaliers game when a TV camera caught a Cavs ball boy making the switch behind the Knicks bench.

Now the Cavs — who have a sponsorship deal with Gatorade — tell us they’re investigating why their official drink was poured into a competitor’s bottle.

“We are looking into why the Powerade bottles were used. We’re trying to figure out what happened.”

The team made sure to clarify that the incident did not occur on their bench — however. it was a Cavs employee who made the switch.

So what the hell happened? “That’s what we’re trying to figure out.”