Yesterday, Michael Jordan pretty much trashed the golf game of President Obama, even going as far as to call him “a Sh**ty golfer”. The story was somewhat funny but when you talk about the President it is going to grab headlines and make people get interested. Apparently someone got real interested to see if Obama really is that bad and according to other golf pros and course members, that actually isn’t true. He is not that bad. Hit the jump.


Via TMZ:

Well, we did some digging … calling dozens of golf courses in states where Obama has played and it turns out Barry ain’t too bad … turning in scores between 80 and 100 consistently.

Here are some of the reviews …

Virginia: “He plays anywhere in the 80’s on average. He’s not horrible, but he certainly can’t keep up with the best.”

Maryland: “Our course is a little harder than the average one, and he hasn’t ever broken 100 here. He’s pretty awesome though to staff and visitors when he comes by though — a perfect politician.”

Hawaii: “When he first started golfing, it was pretty rough. Surprisingly though — he’s gotten significantly better. It’s hit or miss with him but he’s around average. You have to give him credit though … it’s a lot of pressure to have everyone watching ”

Bottom line — Obama’s not the greatest golfer in the world … but he ain’t exactly crap either.