IFWT_Tailgating 1

Tailgating is so much fun but some people get so wasted, they’re out before the game even begins.  Well this is what happens.

Shay Marie

via The Big Lead:

Ohio State beat Penn State, 31-24, at Beaver Stadium last Saturday. Before the game this Penn State fan passed out while tailgating. Then Kenny Loggins’ “Footloose” came on. From the opening notes, it was only a matter of time until before someone started dancing. That someone was this cute Ohio State fan who decided to give him a show he will never forget remember. Towards the end of the video he raises his hands as if to say, “What?” but we have no clue if he opened his eyes to see what was actually happening right in front of him. Let this be a reminder to everyone. Pace yourself while tailgating.