IFWT_Roy Jones Floyd Mayweather

At 37 years old, Floyd Mayweather Jr. has a 47-0-0 record with 26 coming by way of knockout and he’s still going.  Many would consider him the best but former professional boxer-turned-trainer Roy Jones Jr. says the undefeated champion is “not the best he’s ever seen at boxing.”

Shay Marie

via IBT:

“Of course I’m impressed with the way he’s (Floyd Mayweather Jr.) been able to monopolize the money side of it,” Jones told fighthype.com.

“He was the smartest guy that ever [came] through as far as making money.”

“I haven’t seen nobody (sic) come through and generate the money that he’s generated in the sport of boxing. So you gotta give him props for that.”

“Boxing skills…I ain’t going to say he’s the best I’ve ever seen at boxing, but he’s the smartest I’ve ever seen for sure.”

When Jones was asked what could have gone down had he met Mayweather with both of them in their prime, he responded with gusto: “Come on, man. This is Roy Jones Jr. Do we have to discuss that? Roy Jones Jr. during his prime against what? Godzilla, King-kong, who?”