IFWT_Stupidity Virus 2
Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and and University of Nebraska Researchers have identified a Virus that destroys human DNA. The affect of this damaged DNA can cause impared brain activity and affect learning and memory.


Dr. Robert Yolken of Johns Hopkins led the team of Reachers that came across this virus. Its reported that the team of researchers were testing microbes in throat swabs from volunteers when traces of an Algal Virus named ATCV-1 appeared on subjects. The researchers had no idea what they had come upon and had to send ATCV-1 to a database for further information. Research concluded that ATCV-1 is a virus that infects green algae found in body’s of water like rivers and lakes. Dr Yolken further screened 92 Healthy subjects that were aiding experiments of cognitive function and found the virus present in 43.7% of the subjects. According to research, volunteers affected with the virus performed 10% slower than those not affected. The tests concluded of drawing lines that connected through a sequence of numbers that were randomly distributed on a page. Complete research concluded that this virus is being linked to lower attention spans and decreased spatial awareness. The virus had also been tested on mice and those reports confirm that mice who were subject to ATCV-1 took longer to exit maze testing. Professor James L Van Etten of the University of Nebraska explains how this virus has never been consistent with humans stating “My best guess is that this virus must infect another microorganism besides the alga that we have been studying”. First Ebola now we have to worry about loosing our intelligence, can we get a break please!!