IFWT_Saints Bengals fan 1

I feel bad for laughing so hard but this was hilarious.  During the New Orleans Saints game against the Cincinnati Bengals, Jermaine Gresham scored a touchdown (two actually) but on this one in the third quarter he walked over to the stands and spotted two female Bengals fans amongst the sea of Saints fans.  He threw the ball to the girl but an old man in Saints gear swiped it.

Shay Marie

She begged and pleaded with him to give her ball but he told her no.

When initially asked why he was keeping it he said, “Because I caught it,…t’s very simple, I caught the football.” When asked if he would give her the ball he said, “Absolutely not.”

I guess his conscience (or the people around him) finally got to him and he decided to give the ball up.

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