Yesterday on December 8th, female emcee Nicki Minaj celebrated her birthday which most (including the Barbz) treat as a national holiday. To make her birthday even more special, DJ Pauly D from MTV’s The Jersey Shore show gifted the rapper with beautiful sparkling diamond bracelets. Nicki posted a picture via her Instagram page rocking her new bling but she did not mention anything about who the very generous gift was from. However, Pauly D hopped in the comment section ASAP Rocky and let everyone know it was his doing. Pauly wrote, “I’m glad you liked them.. I wanted to get you something you would like ,, enjoy!” The two have history with each other after touring with Britney Spears back in 2011 which makes sense as to why he would go all out for the leader of the Barbz’ b-day. Check out Nicki’s serious wrist bling over in the gallery.

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