Cop Selling Tshirts?? A cop in Mishawaka, Indiana, by the name of Jason Barthel, is selling T-shirts with “Breathe Easy, Don’t Break The Law” written on them, and they’re selling fast. As you all know “I can’t breathe” were the final words said by Eric Gardner before he was killed at the hands of the NYPD.

Cop Selling Tshirts:
Ever since that tragedy, those three words “I can’t breathe” have been resonating throughout the country. Many NBA teams have been spotted wearing T-Shirts with these words written on them, in support of justice for Eric Gardner and putting an end to police brutality. The words “Breathe Easy, Don’t Break The Law” is nothing short of a mockery in the wake of Gardner’s death, and it is no surprise that its being sold by a cop. This suggests that Eric Gardner’s death was justified, and he would still be alive if he would have simply obeyed the law. Officer Jason Barthel, thinks otherwise. As he said in an interview, he “Wanted to do something that would bring people together, not tear them apart.. We are not here to do anything negative to the public.” I have a question for Officer Jason, how on Earth would these shirts bring people together when they are clearly vindictive and passive aggressive? Tell me what you guys think, are these shirts harmless? Harmful? Or even just plain stupid?