Kanye spends 60k on Christmas gifts for North West. Yup, that’s right folks, 60 thousand dollars. Not one thousand, not two, not three (Lebron Voice) but sixty thousand on their one-year old daughter, North.

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Look people, I have a bachelor’s degree from Seton Hall University, which is a top accredited University in New Jersey, and I still don’t make 60k a year. Kanye bought North West a diamond encrusted tiara worth about 50k and spent another 10k on a kids, matte black suv car. For someone who hasn’t been to pre-school yet, I’d say that’s a pretty solid first Christmas in the bag. I remember my first Christmas too, my parents got me fresh milk and new socks, ahhh that was one of my favorite Christmas’ ever. Seriously, I can only imagine what Kanye will plan for North when she strings together her first sentence, or even just says “da-da.” This also makes me wonder what Dear Mommy Kim is getting her for Christmas… maybe a gift card for 10% ownership of Chanel, perhaps. Who knows? Either way, congrats to North for being born to wealthy parents that can buy her anything her little heart desires at the snap of her fingers, we’re all very jealous of you, North!

source: MTV