Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa always enjoys fast-food franchise Nando’s when he’s overseas in the UK. So much so, in fact, he’ll be opening only the fourth U.S. location for the chain in Los Angeles! Following 3 spots in Washington D.C., Wiz will be able to enjoy all of the chicken dishes he’s come to love from Nando’s when he opens it in the city he currently resides in.

“Wiz is obsessed with Nando’s. He makes it his first stop as soon as he steps foot into the UK,” a source reported. “He also loves to grab carry-out, take it to his hotel room, and eat without being disturbed there. His loves of Nando’s has led to him telling pals that he wants to bring wider knowledge to the chain in the US. There are just a handful of restaurant in Washington D.C., but there’s nothing in California — which is where Wiz is targeting.”

Marisa Mendez

The source continued:

Wiz loves their black card scheme that enables customers to enjoy free food at the beloved chain for a year. Ed Sheeran is one of the many fans to have taken Nando’s up on their offer for a black card and he goes all the time. Wiz believes Nando’s in LA would really take off, and he also will be able to sample his favorite cuts of chicken, covered in the their special Peri Peri sauce whenever he wants.

Sounds like I need to take a trip to either D.C. or L.A. and try this out! Congrats, Wiz!

Source: HHW via DN