November 22, 2014 12-year-old Tamir Rice was shot and killed by Cleveland police officer, Timothy Loehmann. Rice was carrying a toy gun and Loehmann instantly reacted with deadly force. Since the fatal shooting, The Cleveland Division of Police has taken up an investigation involving excessive force from officers, however they are now hoping to hand the investigation of Tamir Rice’s death over to the Cuyahoga County sheriff’s office.

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During the investigation, the many steps taken during and after the shooting have come under fire. Activists and attorneys or Tamir’s family have requested that an outside look into what took place, would be best.

City spokesman Dan Ball explains that the Rice case is not the only case they would like to hand pass on. “Not only this investigation, but we would like a different, outside agency to handle all deadly use of force cases,” he says. “But nothing’s set in stone.”

Due previous cases being poorly handled by Cleveland’s Bureau of Criminal Investigation, the city’s mayor, Frank Jackson said agrees with outside agency step. “The best way to do it is to have external eyes look at anything regarding use of force cases.”

If all cases involving the police had an outside looking in stance, maybe the justice system would not have disappointed so many individuals, just maybe.

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