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Larry Sanders signed a four-year, $44 million contract before last season with the Milwaukee Bucks.  It turned out to be a big mistake for the team as he’s missed games due to drug violations, bar fights and injury; then when he has played he’s been subpar.  This season, he’s been at odds with Bucks head coach Jason Kidd, who said last week that Sanders—who hasn’t played the last six games—would remain out for “personal reasons” with no timetable for his return.  Yesterday reports were released that Sanders is ready to give up basketball completely.

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via Racine Journal Times Columnist Gery Woelfel:

Sources tell me that Bucks center Larry Sanders recently told some Bucks officials that he doesn’t want to play basketball anymore.  Some friends of Sanders told me last summer they were concerned Sanders wasn’t committed to basketball and wanted to explore other options.  It’s hardly a secret Bucks have been trying to trade Sanders.  Asked if the Bucks could trade Sanders now, an NBA official said: “Good luck.”

The leak could have been a spin from the Bucks who are trying to get rid of Sanders contract and yesterday his agent denied the story.

Agent Happy Walters reaction to the Larry Sanders report: “I saw that tweet. It is not accurate at all. Rumor unsubstantiated.”

Steve Kyler of Basketball Insiders also added:

Not trying to dispute anyone’s reporting, but the idea that Larry Sanders told anyone he didn’t want to play any more was news to Larry. Larry was out with the flu, has been dealing with some personal issues and is planning to re-join the team in the next couple of days.