LeBron James is still out after dealing with knee and back injuries.  He went to Miami to rehab and take in the nice weather but he rejoined the Cleveland Cavaliers for their west coast trip which began against the Golden State Warriors.  James was suited up, in an actual suit not a jersey.  Though he’s still sidelined, his infamous hairline did make a comeback on Friday night.

Shay Marie

A lot of people like to joke on LeBron James’ receding hairline but every now and then he does something to bring it back.  I don’t know if he’s just trying out different things but he has know that people notice when it reappears and then disappears again.  In any event, it made an appearance last night and of course got Twitter buzzing with claims that he was using black ice or his own special product.

Whatever it was it didn’t look too bad.  He might want to make an investment in that industry…

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Oh and if you care about this sort of stuff… The Golden State Warriors beat the Cleveland Cavaliers 112-94 bringing the Cavaliers losing streak to four games and the Warriors winning streak to six games.

J.R Smith played much better than his 0-5 debut and put up a game-high 27 points.  On the other hand, Smith and Kyrie Irving each took 23 shot attempts while Kevin Love took 11.