Amber Rose Family Didn’t Attend Wedding Because Wiz Is Black? Oprah’s Documentary “Light Girls” Airs tomorrow night. The Documentary will look at how lighter-skinned women are impacted by the rigors of colorism. In 2013 Oprah released “Dark Girls” it was a very controversial documentary film that highlighted some of the prejudices that dark-skinned women face. Amber Roses was featured on the special and she dishes about her wedding; She suggest some family members weren’t receptive of the “We Dem Boys rapper and skipped out on her wedding because of it. Wiz Khalifa seems really laid back I Wonder what they thought when she brought Kanye home? Find out what Amber’s famliy thinks of African Americans below


In a personal new interview for the Oprah Winfrey Network, the supermodel shared personal stories of colorism by her family that ultimately affected her special wedding day.”With my family, they feel like they’re more superior or better than an African American because we’re Creole and we have culture and that’s something I battle with most of my life,” she explained in a sneak peek of Light Girls airing Monday night. “It’s more of the older people in my family.”

This could have been a major factor in the break up. Colorism is really a huge issue around the world. What should be done to try and fix it? Let me know in the Comments