Snooki x Uncle Murda

I am not ashamed to admit that I proudly follow Snooki on Twitter and on Instagram. I think she’s awesome and I don’t care who judges! LOL! That being said, I was QUITE surprised when I saw the pint-sized Jersey Shore star dropping n-bombs left and right on Twitter yesterday, but I quickly realized she’d been hacked…and apparently by Uncle Murda’s biggest (and only?) fan.

Marisa Mendez

“Follow @UncleMurda he the realest of the real. follow that n*gga b4 he shoot u like he did the police. #tmz #lizardsquad #wired #handsup,” was the first tweet, which I thought maybe Uncle Murda himself just took her phone to write. (Like maybe they were randomly filming something together and becoming besties? It happens…)

However, it was, “yo @50cent and @unclemurda piped me out behind the scenes of #jerseyshores,” that tipped me off to the whole being hacked thing. Snooki herself then tweeted from her phone that she was hacked (as the hacker was tweeting from web,) and the tweets soon after were erased.

Though Uncle Murda did repost some of Snooks’ tweets on Instagram, I don’t know if I feel like he or anyone he’s affiliated with was behind it. Who knows, though. What do you guys think? Random Uncle Murda fan or Uncle Murda’s team? Let us know in the comments!